Truffles to spark French property mortgage interest

If you are looking to take out a French property mortgage, you may find developers trying to sway you with offers of cookery or archery lessons in a bid to gain your interest. Rather than enticing buyers with the usual temptations of a nearby state of the art golf course or tennis court, developers have changed their tactics to provide more culture-orientated incentives as a means of getting more people interested in French properties and French property mortgage.

Local culture to encourage French property mortgage sales
Cecile Viennet, owner of French property firm Garrigae said “all the activities in our resorts have been selected for their authenticity, allowing for the discovery of local traditions.”

Property developers around the Marseille and Provence area are likely to use culture based incentives after the area is set to share the title of European City of Culture with the Slovak city Kosice in 2013.

Truffle collecting to spark French property mortgage sales
Examples of recent sale incentives have included boasts of truffle collecting opportunities, close proximity to a bay inhabited by the French navy and a local fish and cheese shop.
French property mortgage from Conti
If you have been enticed by the promise of vineyards and olive groves in your back garden or a world class delicatessen on your doorstep then Conti can help you obtain a French mortgage for your property.

With experience in overseas mortgages, we can guide you through the necessary formalities that are involved with taking out a French property mortgage. Speak to an adviser today on 01273 772811

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