Relocation agents, as easy as finding a French mortgage?

Once you have decided you want to move to France and obtain a French mortgage, you may consider a relocation agent to help make your move easier and less stressful. They can do everything from finding a house for you in France to helping you find a vet for your pets. However there are a few points that you should consider before agreeing to an agent.

Agents can help you find a french property for your French mortgage

Although many would say relocation agents are invaluable and worth every penny, they can be pricey so it is worth working out what services you really need and what you could do easily yourself. The internet can prove a very helpful tool in resourcing estate agents and information about prospective locations you may like to live in. It can also be used to find local schools, doctors and other amenities.
Any friends or relatives that have also relocated to France are obviously great points of information and may be able to provide you with valuable advice that even the relocation agents may not think of.  Online forums also provide a wealth of information on all sort of issues regarding a move to France and you can always post your own question if something you want to know hasn’t yet been covered.

Make your relocation as easy as getting a French mortgage

If you do decide to go ahead with a relocation agent then it is worth taking note of the following pointers to get the best out of your relocation agent.

  • Be aware of exactly what services the agent will provide.Make sure from the start that you are aware of exactly what services the agent will be providing you with and that it is written down clearly in a contract signed by both parties. Don’t assume that a service will be included. If an important task is not completed, it will be you and not the agent who will suffer.
  • Be clear and consistent with your requests. Try not to change your mind halfway into the process. If you are desperate for three bedrooms, make sure you tell your agent that is your rminimum requirement.
  • Be assertive. If you are not getting the information you need or tasks are not being completed, say something. You may be able to switch agents within the same agency if your one is not being proactive or helpful.

Find a French mortgage with Conti

Whether you are interested in using a relocation agent or doing the move youself, Conti can help you find the perfect French property rate to suit your needs. Our friendly and expert advisors will guide you through the necessary processes to obtaining a mortgage for France.

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