Find a French mortgage rate to shop at some of the best markets in the world

If you need any convincing that searching for a French mortgage rate is the right move for you, then reading about the wonderful markets held across France will certainly help convince you.

Markets are a staple part of French life. With at least one market in nearly every town, market day is an important part of the French week and is as much about catching up on the local goings on as it is about buying the local food and produce.

There are reputedly more than 35,000 traditional markets in France and many have been held in the same place for hundreds of years. While in England we may pop to the farmers’ market for the odd lump of cheese or fresh bread, in France the market takes the place of the supermarket and many will come home with bag after bag full of fresh local produce after a morning spent at the market.

Find a French mortgage rate and enjoy the markets in France

If you choose a French mortgage for a property in rural France, you can rest assured that you will still find local markets aplenty. The choice may be more limited but the main produce will still be able to be found.

Markets in France are all about fresh produce. Meats, cheeses and fish are most commonly found on stalls, although fruit and vegetables and other regional produce such as local wines and ciders are also to be found as well as jams, pickles and other preserves.

The quality of the food found at the market can not be topped and is far fresher and superior to the supermarket equivalent. Tomatoes are plump and juicy with a rich red colour rather than the pallid unripe examples found in the supermarkets over here. Mushrooms of all shapes and sizes are on offer as are olives stuffed and marinated in all manner of herbs and cheeses.

Buy all your groceries from the market with a French mortgage rate

French markets are not just limited to food. All kinds of different goods can be found at some of the bigger markets including jewellery, leather items, clothes, toys, handbags and pashmina scarves.

There are thousands of markets held across France every week and once you have settled in to your new house in France, you will soon hear of the local ones that are worth a visit. However the major venues that are particularly notable include Bergerac, le Bugue, Sarlat and Perigueux in Aquitaine, Concarneau, Dinard and Saint Malo in Brittany, Boulogne and Le Touquet in Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Forges-les-Eaux in Normandy and Carpetras in Provence.

Find a French mortgage rate with Conti

A house in France is a life-changing venture. Whether you decide to move to France permanently, or just wish to spend the odd weekend and holiday in a second home in France, you will soon become encapsulated in the magic of the country. The opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture and enjoy the sights of a whole new country from your doorstep is an experience not to miss.

At Conti, our years of experience helping people find the best French mortgages has helped us put together an array of the best French mortgage deals available.

Why not call one of our French mortgage advisers today and see if we can find a French mortgage rate to suit you and your financial needs.

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