French mortgage rate and learning the lingo

Once you have found the right French mortgage rate to help you buy your property in France, you can start to organise your new life abroad. To fully immerse yourself in the French culture, learning the language is an important step in preparing yourself for your move.

While basic English is widely spoken, you will find it very hard to get by in some of the more rural towns and village where tourists and foreigners rarely venture. Therefore, if you do not already speak French, it will be well worth your while to invest in some language lessons to help make your transition into your life in France as smooth as possible.

Once you have found the best French mortgage rate, you need to learn the lingo

On moving to France, many expats are surprised at how limited their knowledge of the language is. While some may have gleaned enough from school to ask for an ice cream or order some chips at a local restaurant, many will find it hard to understand the rapid French that is unrecognisable from the slow and clear French spoken in lessons at school.

As with England, each area of France has a different accent and this can also make it hard to understand what people are saying to you. In southern areas such as Languedoc, the ‘e’ at the end of many words is very strongly pronounced, whereas further north this is not the case. You may even hear some Parisiennes saying that they can’t understand anyone from the south.

Many choose to teach themselves French through the CDs and workbooks that are readily available. While these can be handy for learning French in your spare time or on a car journey, they do not offer you the chance to practise your conversational French as proper lessons can.

The best French mortgage rate and learning the language

Not only do French lessons give you the chance to meet like-minded people who may also be moving to France, they also give you a better understanding of the language. A French teacher can correct any mispronunciations and is likely to be more patient with any mistakes you make than an English-speaker who will be more patient and encouraging than a shopkeeper may be when there’s a long queue of customers.

Once you have arrived in France, you will find that your French will improve rapidly as you hear and speak it more regularly. However, it is worth noting that your French will be at its worst at the beginning of your life abroad- just when you need to sort all the practical things like phone lines, car insurance, bank accounts and medical care.

By learning as much French as possible, you can help make your transition into French life much smoother and easier and a good grasp of the language will also give you more confidence to talk to your neighbours.

The best French mortgage rate and becoming fluent in French

Learning a new language can be really rewarding as well as highly useful. Speaking a second language is a very desirable skill and looks fantastic on a CV.

While many French people will be willing to help you out if you get stuck trying to speak French, they will be less sympathetic if you immediately try to start a conversation with them in English so it is always worth at least attempting some French even if you do get stuck.

By investing in a French mortgage, you will learn and discover so many new experiences as well as having the great benefit of a holiday home in a wonderful country.

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