French mortgages and frogs legs

French food is often a great incentive for those looking at French mortgages. World-renowned for its superior rich flavours and meticulous presentation, the idea of being able to enjoy the culinary delights of freshly-prepared French cuisine from your doorstep is an attractive thought for many.

More than just frogs’ legs and snails, French cuisine is full of vibrant and rich flavours and they not only excel at main courses but have a wide array of delicious puddings to sample as well.

Look at French mortgages to enjoy French culinary delights

Despite being the ultimate stereotypical French food, frogs are actually a protected species in France so all frogs’ legs are actually imported. Contrary to popular belief, the dish is also not that common in France – only around 60g of frogs’ legs per person is eaten each year.

Snails, however, are widely enjoyed by the French and France is the biggest snail consumer in the world with 40,000 tons consumed each year. Often fried in butter with garlic, parsley and spices, snails are a delicacy across France and often appear on the menu.

If however the thought of eating snails and frogs’ legs does not appeal, there is a variety of other wonderful dishes that can be enjoyed. Cassoulet is another very famous but slightly less controversial French dish which will undoubtedly tantalise your taste buds. Similar to a stew, the cassoulet is made from sausages, bacon and beans as well as other vegetables and topped with a baguette and sealed with goose fat.

French mortgages and snails

Once you have settled into your French home, cooking French dishes and enjoying trips out to the local restaurants will help settle you into the French culture and enjoy the gastronomy that the French are so well renowned for.

A house in France will open the door to a whole range of new and exciting discoveries. Whether you are looking to invest in a French mortgage for a holiday home in France or are thinking of moving permanently to France, you will soon appreciate why it is one of the top British expat destinations.

If you are considering investing in a mortgage for France, why not give the overseas mortgage experts at Conti a call. With plenty of French mortgage to choose from, you are sure to find the best French mortgage rate to suit you and your financial needs.

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