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Finding French mortgages for your new property in France is the first step to immersing yourself in the French culture. Getting to know your local community, attending local events and festivals are the best ways of learning more about the French lifestyle and culture.

A great example of one of the festivals which really epitomises French culture is Bordeaux’s Marathon du Médoc which is a charity event incorporating two things perhaps most typically associated with France: food and wine.

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Each year thousands of French people, many of them dressed in flamboyant fancy dress, gather in the town of Pauillac in the Médoc area of Bordeaux to run a course which winds through some of the world’s greatest vineyards is a wonderfully Bacchanalian fashion.

More than 30 chateaux open their gates to the hungry masses to offer fabulous feasts of everything from foie gras and escargot to artisan cheeses. If competitors or spectators get hungry along the way, there are always the stalls dotted along the course, offering oysters, ham, steak, cheese and ice cream – you’re unlikely to catch a burger van here.

Post-marathon, a huge ball is held which is open to all and is followed by fireworks and a concert packed with numerous bands from across the world. The day following the marathon, a recovery walk is held which is open to 4,000 walkers, runners, companions and volunteers, giving everybody a chance to take in the beautiful vine-covered hills that cover the landscape for as far as the eye can see.

French mortgages and the marathon du Médoc

Although marathon-running certainly does not appeal to everyone, the wonderful vibe and atmosphere that this event creates is something not to be missed and pulls in crowds from all around the country. By investing in a mortgage for France, you could enjoy the delights of events such as the marathon and get involved in the spirit of France which entices so many British expats to the country year upon year.

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