French property mortgages and construction costs to build a new home in France

Construction costs for building new homes in France are available for people interested in taking out a French property mortgage.

Below is a list of average costs for building homes in France’s various regions from French government figures, priced in euros:

Alsace €183k, Aquitaine €132k, Auvergne €134k, Brittany €142k, Burgundy €124k, Centre €122k, Champagne-Ardenne €131k, Corsica €159k, Franche-Comtï €148k, Ile de France €168k, Languedoc Roussillon €127k, Limousin €133k, Lorraine €153k, Lower-Normandy €132k, Midi Pyrenees €134k, Nord Pas de Calais €145k, Pays de la Loire €132k, Picardy €129k, Poitou-Charentes €128k, Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur €167K, Rhone Alpes €148k and Upper-Normandy €127k.

The average price of building a property across France is 139,000 euros although this varies from 122,000 euros to 183,000 euros depending on the French region where construction is carried out.

France mortgages – Costs for new build properties

For those looking for a mortgage in France to pay for building their own property, average property size of new builds was €136k, ranging mostly from €130k – €140k across the French regions mentioned above. Costs per square metre ranged from €922 – €1,159.

Price differences are attributed to specification levels, type of construction, and varying costs of labour and materials across the regions.

Property procurement methods also cause cost variations. Self-build projects averaged €742m while builder procurement cost €1,059m and architect project control was priced at €1,234m.

The figures are based on 2007 figures compiled by the government. For further information about construction costs across Europe, it is possible to view analysis and download documents from a benchmarking study of construction costs in the European Union.

Obtaining French property mortgages from experts

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