French property finance and the French medical system

If you are looking at French property finance for a permanent move to France, there are a few things that you should consider before making the change. Whilst we all hope to stay healthy, it is best to be aware of the French health system just in case. If you are looking to invest in a French mortgage for a holiday home in France, you can simply use your European Health Insurance card to cover any emergency treatment you may need abroad. However, if you plan to move to France permanently, you will need to consider taking out French medical insurance.

The French government has recently decided to change the amount of healthcare it will provide to British expats who are not paying into the system or who are not of pension age. While they originally planned to make these changes retrospective so that they would affect British expats already living in France, since lobbying from the British government, these changes will now just affect those moving to France since the bill was passed.

This means that newcomers to the country who do not intend to work and are below retirement-age, need to sort out a level of French medical insurance to cover the payment of any treatment. Once this insurance is arranged however, expats can readily enjoy the excellent medical facilities which the country provides.

French property finance and the French healthcare system

The healthcare system in France is a little different to what you may be used to in England. Whilst the quality of healthcare may vary from region to region, French health care is reported to generally be of a very high standard. However there are a few differences that it helps to be aware of before you pay a visit to the docteur in France.

Rather than fill in stacks of paperwork, as in the UK, in France, doctors prefer to take the time to find out their patient’s history verbally rather than leafing through their notes. While house visits may be rare in the UK, in France they are still common practice, although you should expect to pay more for such a service.

Most doctors and hospitals have an agreement with the Social Security (conventionn�), which means that fees are charged at standard rates. Unlike in the UK, you can choose your doctor in France from a directory. However you should ensure that they are conventionné which means they will charge standard rates and you will gain a full reimbursement from Social Security. A good source for finding doctors and medical centres is the yellow pages directory: which is available in both French and English.

French property finance and hospitals in France

If the unfortunate occurs and you have to receive treatment at a hospital, Social Security will pay 80% or more of the costs, provided that it is an approved hospital. You will be liable for the balance and the fixed daily hospital chargeforfait journalier however this can also be recovered from a private insurer.

In more rural areas, finding a medical practitioner who speaks fluent English can be a problem especially in the hospitals where most are unlikely to know more than the basics. Therefore, as with all aspects of life in France, a grasp of the French language will make life easier and less complicated especially when it comes to trying to explain symptoms and your medical history.

The French health care system is considered one of the best in the world and some find the local medical practices more attentive than their English counterparts. If you are considering a move to France, getting French medical insurance will be a necessity as will enrolling in the Social Security system to obtain reimbursements for treatments you may require.

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