‘Life in France’ survey and French property mortgage advice

A revealing insight into life in France has been given in a survey of British expats who took out a French property mortgage or were able to buy a home outright in the European country.

More than three quarters (77 per cent) were found to be happy and pleased to be living in their newly adopted country.

Many (40 per cent) reported they had more leisure time while 35 per cent said that the move to France happened in time for them to give up work.

Of those surveyed, people made comments such as there was less crime, schools were higher quality and healthcare was better.

Many of those who took out a mortgage for French property found the lifestyle to be much better than the UK. One person surveyed said, “I love the slower, more old-fashioned way of life”.

Living in France and French mortgages

About a half of survey participants (52 per cent) said they were able to cope with the French language, understanding and speaking the mother tongue ok. Ten per cent said they could only speak a few words in French while some 29 per cent said they were fluent. Interestingly perhaps, a high proportion (80 per cent) watched British television.

More than half (55 per cent) with French mortgages or homes they owned said the cost of living was what they anticipated. However, a slightly lower number (43 per cent) found living expenses to be higher than expected.

Of those surveyed, one said he had more leisure time but less money, while another explained that some costs were considerably higher than expected such as household energy, fuel and social charges.

French property mortgages

For UK residents thinking about taking the plunge and moving to France, the attractions of a better lifestyle with more leisure time and affordable living are likely to be highly appealing.

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