Gascony and choosing a French property mortgage

Said to be conducive to longer living thanks to the good food and slow pace of life, the Gers in the heart of Gascony is set to be the next hot spot for those looking to get a French property mortgage, according to a recent article on the Mail Online.

Unaffected by the recession, the Gers looks to be a great place to invest in an overseas mortgage. Situated in the south-west of France between Toulouse and Biarritz, it is a place to relax and enjoy a quieter pace of life whilst taking in the rustic culture and beautiful scenery with its never-ending countryside and rolling sunflower-topped hills.

Brandy with a French property mortgage

With the Pyrenees only an 80-minute drive away, great skiing and wonderful walking opportunities are right on your doorstep making it an ideal location for both summer and winter breaks. Although the beach is too far away for an easy day visit, a multitude of lakes have man-made beaches which make them a great alternative to the coastal beach and come without the hassle of the crowds.

Famous for its Armagnac, brandy tasting is a popular activity in the region with the major brandy tasting areas located just north of the Gers, in the Pays des Vins area. Known as the lifeblood of the locals, it is served in many of the local restaurants and bars alongside cassoulet, a dish made from sausage and beans.

Not only is the Gers less spoilt and more peaceful than the more trendy Dordogne or Provence regions, it is also much cheaper. House prices are generally 10% lower than in the Dordogne and as much as 30% lower than in Provence. Low offers are also likely to be accepted. It isn’t unknown for offers as low as 20% below the asking price being offered and accepted.

French property mortgages for Gascony

This is great news for buyers looking to secure a great French mortgage because the Gers is great value for money and great properties can be found at very reasonable prices.

It should be noted however that the rustic Gascony lifestyle is not suited to everyone. If you are looking for a fast paced and busy lifestyle then the Gers is not for you. However, if it is a tranquil, countryside retreat you are after with a sleepy atmosphere then the Gers is certainly worth considering.

French mortgage expertise from Conti

If you are looking for a French property mortgage then the best place to start is to ask one of the experts at Conti; they will be able to guide you through the necessary processes to acquire an overseas mortgage, making it as easy and as simple as possible.

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