French property mortgages benefit from fast transport links

With six international airports and some of the best railway and road transport systems in the whole of Europe, France’s infrastructure is arguably one of the best in the world. This makes it highly attractive for those interested in mortgages in France as British residents can easily travel between their UK residence and their French property. French property owners can also have confidence knowing that they can enjoy a similar standard lifestyle to Britain’s which makes French property mortgages ever-popular with UK buyers.

French property mortgages for houses in the heart of Europe

Nestled right in the heart of the continent, the rest of Europe is within easy reach of France. It is therefore the ideal place of residence for any international entrepreneur or anyone just interested in seeing more of Europe. France also boasts one of the most integrated and efficient railway networks in Europe providing quality service and safe, high speed lines that run over 32,000km.

France is home to 27 airports including six international airports; Charles de Gaulle, Orly, Lyon Saint-Exupery, Marseille Provence, Nice cote de’Azur and Bale Mulhouse. The airports take around 118million passengers with 60 percent of passengers passing through Paris. If flying is not for you then you can become one of the 26.8 million passengers that use the ferry ports around France every year.

Unlike the traffic congested roads of the UK, France has 10,500km of well maintained roads and with 1 million km of roads in total; it has the longest network in Europe. This means that road traffic flows fluidly through France as it boasts a low congestion rate of 30 vehicles/km which is far lower than the European average of 44 vehicles/km. Having a property in France therefore allows you to avoid traffic jams and rush hour congestion so synonymous with British roads.

French property mortgages for fast internet connections

Not only is it quicker to travel in France but the internet connection is quick too. With a penetration of 18%, the availability of broadband is in close competition with Britain’s 19.2%. Telecommunication rates are among the cheapest in the European Union and the network is extremely reliable.

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