For a mortgage overseas, France is the place to invest in a property abroad

If you have just invested in a French mortgage, France will be much easier to travel around with a car. Driving in France for the first time can be a daunting experience especially if you are used to driving on the left. As well as their right-hand driving, there are a few other differences in the driving regulations that you should take note of before jumping behind the wheel. Here are a few pointers to help you get started.

To drive in France you must be over the age of 18 and hold a full British driving licence. This should be carried with you at all times as well as a certificate of motor insurance and your vehicle registration document (V5).

As with most of the rest of Europe, high visibility jackets must also be carried in your vehicle at all times as well as a warning triangle. You also must use headlight converters to ensure your car conforms to the same standards as French lights.

For an overseas mortgage, France is the place to invest

Perhaps the biggest concern that British motorists have when driving in France for the first time is the difference in road positioning. When getting to grips with driving on “the wrong side of the road”, you should be especially careful when setting off from service stations or restaurants on the left side of the road.

Roundabouts can also prove troublesome but you simply need to remember that priority is given to traffic coming from the left as you enter the roundabout. Priorité a droite (priority to the right), still applies in built-up areas unless a yellow diamond indicates that you have priority.

Driving laws in France also differ slightly from those in Britain. The drink-driving law is perhaps the most notable of these as it is stricter on drink driving than Britain. Blood-alcohol levels must not exceed 0.5mg/ml compared with the English level of 0.8mg/ml so it is always best to play it safe and not drink and drive. The French are also very strict on speeding – anyone caught travelling at more than 25km/h above the speed limit can have their licence confiscated on the spot.

If you are looking at a mortgage overseas, France should be top of the list

As in the UK, all grades of petrol and diesel are available. LPG is only available at some stations and leaded no longer exists. While credit and debit cards are widely accepted at most service stations, they may not work at pumps in rural areas.

If you decide to buy a French property in a rural area, having a car will almost certainly be a necessity as public transport can be scarce. Getting accustomed to the French way of driving will allow you to really explore the countryside and familiarise yourself with the country.

For an overseas mortgage, France is the place to invest

If you are thinking of buying a property in France, the overseas mortgage experts at Conti can help you. With our wide array of mortgages in France, we will find a French mortgage that matches your individual needs.

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