Find a mortgage in France for an exploration of the country’s beautiful railways

For an overseas mortgage, France is bursting with a whole variety of cultural sights to see, historic places to explore and activities to enjoy. Whatever your interests, whether it be walking, skiing, art, gastronomy or simply immersing yourself in a new culture, there is something for you.

Once you have found the perfect French property, you may decide you wish to get to know more of France and its enchanting countryside. The country has a brilliant network of railway lines which will take you all over the country and even through to the rest of Europe.

There are several notable lines across France which will take you deep inside the heart of the countryside past sights such as Mont Blanc, the volcanic region of Volvic and the wonderful old chateaux and castles dotted around the country.

For an overseas mortgage, France is the place to be

The Villefranche – Vernet-les-Bains – La Tour de Carol line is perhaps one of the most beautiful in the country. The 39-mile narrow-gauge journey takes you past breath-taking gorges, forested mountains and the rolling pastures of Cerdagne. Perhaps not for vertigo sufferers, this line takes you across two spectacular viaducts – the two-tiered stone Sejourné viaduct across the River T êt which was home to 1,500 workmen for three years; and the amazing suspension Pont Gisclard which bridges an incredible valley densely packed with forest. Trains pass slowly over the bridge to allow passengers to take time to appreciate its incredible construction and the sheer views into the river valley.

For magnificent views of Mont Blanc and magical journeys through the Alps, the Mont Blanc Express is an unbeatable experience. Meandering through hill sides, mountain passes and unbelievable gorges, the Martigny to Chamonix is one of the most stunning train rides in the whole of Europe.

Travelling at a leisurely pace and making regular stops for photo opportunities, the train winds through fields of lupins and cow parsley, through deep rock cuttings and over impressive viaducts before the line crosses the border into Switzerland and descends down into Martigny.

If you are looking for an overseas mortgage, France may be the answer

For the volcanic experience, the Clermont-Ferrand – Limoges line offers superb views of the extraordinary volcanic plugs (puys) in the Auvergne National Park. The region has been a source of mineral water since the Roman times and it is the where the famous bottled water derives its name.

These lines are just a sample of some of the wonderful journeys that can be experienced across France. Once you have found your dream French property, rail journeys can be a brilliant way of exploring the country and provide wonderful outings if you have a day spare.

Investing in a French mortgage is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in a new culture and way of living. The quick and easy transport links make a hop across the channel possible in almost the blink of an eye.

For an overseas mortgage, France is the number one choice

At Conti we have an array of French mortgages for you to choose from. We have years of experience helping people find overseas mortgages for property abroad so why not call us today and see if you can find the perfect overseas mortgage. France has so much to offer the British expat so why not invest in a French mortgage today.

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