Find a mortgage in France and save on the building of your dream home

Having a mortgage in France for an idyllic French property is the dream of many. However, finding a house that matches your dreams can prove frustrating as property after property fails to meet your criteria. Building a house from scratch can therefore prove to be an appealing solution.

Certainly not for the faint hearted, building a new house takes a great deal of time, patience and of course, money. That said, with careful planning it can prove to be a cost effective way of building a house to your own specifications – and many find it a highly rewarding venture.

Get a mortgage in France for a problem-free new build

Unlike older properties, new builds obviously don’t have all the problems associated with a house that has been subjected to wear and tear and all the elements. Problems such as dry rot, leaking roofs and poor insulation can be forgotten about. With a new build you can therefore enjoy much lower maintenance costs.

All new builds come with a ten-year structural guarantee which covers any defects with the property and means that any problems with the house should be covered. With better insulation, heating bills are also lower than in equivalently sized older properties. Further savings can be gained from a two-year property tax exemption taxe fonci ère that is available in some areas for new builds.

Savings can also be made in the way you choose to finish your house. If you’re handy with a paintbrush you can save a fortune by decorating the property yourself. Typically, by making all the finishing touches you can save 30% off of a completed project.

Find a mortgage in France to build the house of your dreams

If your budget doesn’t stretch quite as far as your dreams, you can build your house in stages. For example, if you were planning on building a third storey to accommodate an extra living room or spare bedroom, you could obtain planning permission for the full project but only complete two storeys until you have enough to extend.

As well as giving you a great family home to enjoy, a newly-built property is a fantastic long term investment. The French are particularly fond of modern houses and there are a considerable amount of incentives to encourage them to buy new builds. First-time buyers investing in their main residence are entitled to a generous 0% interest loan to help them get on the property ladder.

With a well considered budget, building your own home can therefore prove to be a fantastic solution to buying an overseas property. With the flexibility surrounding its location, design and layout, you can ensure that your house suits you and your family’s needs perfectly.

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