Mortgages in France and other overseas countries for property investment

More Britons are likely to buy property abroad during the next two years – leading to an increase in people buying mortgages in France and other countries, according to a recent survey.

The economic downturn has caused problems within the UK property market. As a result, those interested to invest are set to look overseas.

Credit crunch conditions have led to mortgages being difficult to secure and property prices in this country are considered to not be as attractive as many would like.

French and other overseas mortgages

For these reasons, research by Cater Allen Private Bank – part of Santander – indicates property buyers are looking elsewhere for investment properties and second homes.

The survey showed that 45-year-olds and those above that age were most likely to buy overseas. Also, 10 per cent of 18 to 34-year-olds were also found to be considering a house purchase abroad. The majority of those recognised that foreign property markets held potential for profit and saw buying such property as an investment.

More than three million people are predicted to buy overseas during the next couple of years, the survey found.

Mortgages in France and other overseas countries

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