Invest in a French mortgage to enjoy rich wildlife in the Camargue

For the wildlife enthusiast, the Camargue is the perfect place to look for a property for your French mortgage. Located on the southern most tip of sun-drenched Provence, the salty marshes of the Camargue are home to an extraordinary wealth of wildlife, some of which can not be found anywhere else in the world.

The Camargue, now a regional National Park, is a marshy delta where two branches of the Rhone River meet. Perhaps most famous for its beautiful white horses, the region also boasts its own species of semi-wild bulls, hundreds of species of birds, wild boars, badgers, flamingos, tree frogs and water snakes.

Invest in a French mortgage to experience the rustic Camargue

Criss-crossing roads meander through the region’s marshes and farmland leading to the occasional village such as Ste-Maries-de-la-Mer, a fishing village built on an island in the heart of the Camargue. Also dotted around the Park are the small whitewashed ‘Cabane de Gardian’, the cottages of the ‘Cowboys’ of the Camargue who look after the region’s horses and bulls.


If you are buying property abroad, the Camargue has much to offer those looking to enjoy some peace and tranquillity in an area bursting with wildlife and embraced by the sun’s warmth. With seaside resorts along the coast to the west at La Grande Motte, and all the beauty hotspots of Provence in the north, a property in one of the rustic villages of rural Camargue promises a perfect blend of outstanding beauty coupled with all the commodities you will need.

Enjoy the biodiversity of the Camargue with a French mortgage

To really enjoy the biodiversity that the Camargue has to offer, guided tours are not to be missed and will help you really get a feel of the area. The Camargue safaris are a brilliant way to see the countryside and give you the best chance of spotting the sometimes elusive species that reside there. For the more energetic, the cycle or horse riding tours are also a fantastic way to explore the tiny little villages and take time to really take in the beauty of the lush marshlands the region is so famous for.

A life in Provence will provide you with the perfect getaway from your busy life in Britain. With its beautiful warm summers and sleepy traditional villages, the Camargue is a haven for those looking for some rest and relaxation. The easy travel links to the UK also make the Camargue the perfect place for your overseas property.

Choose Conti to find a French mortgage to suit you

If you have been enticed by the chance of seeing flamingos from your balcony and wild white horses roaming along the grasslands in the distance, then give the overseas mortgage specialists at Conti a ring.

Their expertise in mortgages for property abroad will help guide you to find a French mortgage to suit you and your needs. Give one of our helpful advisers a call today on 01273 772811.

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