French mortgages and a property in the beautiful city of Avignon

With its internationally acclaimed theatre festival, Avignon is a popular place for British Expats looking at French mortgages for a second home in France.

Situated in the south of France in Provence, this fortified 14th century city is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was once the capital of the Christian world. After Pope Clement V left Rome in 1309, he chose Avignon as the new home of the papacy and construction of the city began.

Look at French mortgages for a property in Avignon

The city is home every year to the Festival d’Avignon which is enjoyed by audiences of around 120,000 spectators all eager to experience the dance, theatre and music which is shown.

The ancient streets of Avignon never fail to charm visitors as they lead you past the city’s private mansions, museums and various different quarters. The rue Joseph Vernet is known for being one of the most elegant streets in the city and runs adjacent to the Calvet Museum and Requien Museum.

The Palace of the Popes is well worth a visit. Its imposing buildings are made up of a maze of rooms which were once home to the Pope and his cardinals. Although most of its original furnishings were lost or burned over the centuries, some of the rooms are still very impressive: among them the bedchamber of the popes, whose walls are decorated with 14th century frescoes of squirrels, birds, hunters, fishermen and vines against a sky-blue background.

French mortgages and properties that are hard to resist

With its rural Gallic vibe, breathtaking scenery, delicious Mediterranean cuisine and exquisite climate, investing in a French mortgage for a property in Avignon is certainly going to be something hard to resist.

Avignon is easy to reach by air, sea and rail. Eurostar offers a direct service to Avignon from London St Pancras during July and August and for the rest of year the city still has a convenient service with a quick change in Paris or Lille onto the TGV to take you the rest of the way.

Conti will help you find the best French mortgages

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