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Starting up your own small business can be a great way of funding your mortgage. France has recently introduced major changes to its self-employment system making it easier, quicker and cheaper to set up and run your own business in the country.

Under the new system, named ‘Auto Entrepreneur’, small businesses that are just starting out are exempt from paying taxe professionnelle for the first three years and tax and social charges are based on a ‘no profit – no tax’ basis. This allows people to try out setting up their own businesses without being burdened with crippling charges and fees.

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Aimed at lowering unemployment rates, the new rules also give retirees the opportunity of making some extra money without even leaving their front door. Registration has been made much simpler and only requires a trip to the local Chambre de Commerce or Métiers to fill out a form.

Prior to this change in regulations, a small business was charged a maximum fixed percentage of their turnover in social charges. However, the new auto-entrepreneur scheme will charge small businesses a percentage of their actual turnover in social charges and French income tax. The improved registration system means there is also a reduction in the paperwork that has to be produced by businesses.

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Providers of services including those of a commercial nature such as sales, bar/restaurant and accommodation owners, health professionals, legal professionals, surveyors, accountants, journalists, the retired, students, entrepreneurs and British expats can all take advantage of the scheme.

So far it has lured 145,000 people into registering and this figure is likely to rise as more and more people are encouraged to set up their own small business. An information kit with registration details and an example of the form can be found on the auto-entrepreneur website

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