Find mortgages for France for a French property that will become your marital home.

With the language of love and a culture heavily associated with love and romance, it is not surprising that many British expats will be looking at mortgages for France so that they can find their first marital home after getting married in France.

Getting married in France does involve a certain amount of paperwork especially for those without French citizenship. The first step for any couple is to obtain aGuide des Futurs Epoux from any mairie or mayor. This sets out all the paperwork required which will vary dependent on your personal situation. The process is simplest for those who are marrying a French partner or someone with French citizenship, who have not been married before, have no children and do not wish to draw up a pre-nuptial agreement. Marriage for anyone else is still possible but the process is just more complicated and can be lengthy.

Find mortgages for France for your first marital home

Once you have your documents sorted, choosing whether you want a church ceremony is next on the list. Church weddings are not legally binding in France so if you do opt for a church service, you will in effect have to get married twice, once at the mairie (town hall), and again at the church. The legal service has to be conducted by the maire and it must take place in the mairie where one or other of the époux is domicilié: either one of you lives there, or you have close family there.

With all the legal side sorted you can concentrate on organising the reception orvin d’honneur. This traditional after-service party lasts a couple of hours and involves more or less everyone you know. Later on newlyweds and close friends and family leave, either for a nice meal in a restaurant, or for a more intimate party with dancing and music.

Once you have a wedding venue, get a French mortgage for your new home

Choosing a wedding venue is another important decision to make. With many of the beautiful châteaux across France available to hire as wedding or reception venues, deciding on where to hire is likely to prove a difficult decision. From the charming delights of Provence to the stylish venues around Paris, France offers a whole range of beautiful settings for the start of your new life abroad.

As well as being a celebration of your new life together, your wedding in France can also serve as a celebration of your new start in France. With your wedding planned, you can focus on finding a French property to be your new marital home.

Find a mortgage for France with Conti

If you are looking for a French mortgage to start your new life in France, Conti the overseas mortgage specialists can help you. Our team of expert advisers can help you find a mortgage to suit your financial needs.

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