Consider an overseas remortgage for your French property

Many people with property in France – or other countries around the world – are taking advantage of low interest rates to take out overseas remortgage deals.

Any property owner with a French mortgage, or home loan in another part of the world, can consider remortgaging.

There are a range of reasons and potential advantages to be had by raising extra finance. A key benefit is being able to reduce monthly repayments on overseas assets by switching to lower, more competitive interest rates.

A remortgage can also provide funds to purchase another personal residence, holiday home or buy-to-let dwelling abroad.

It is possible to financially support home improvements by remortgaging, and it can also be used to pay off or manage debts. It is possible to set equity released from a remortgage on an overseas property against a British home to help secure a better mortgage deal.

Thinking about an overseas remortgage

Liability for inheritance tax can be mitigated in some countries should there be a larger debt on the property.

Whatever a prospective buyer’s motivation for purchasing a foreign property, with or without a mortgage, such a purchase is a major financial commitment.

As is almost always the case, it is important for the common sense adage ‘buyer beware’ to apply. Smart buyers will carry out their own checks and enquiries.

Property management businesses, lawyers and estate agents all have a vested interest in clients signing overseas property and conveyancing-related contracts, no matter whether the property can be afforded or is appropriate.

Enquire about overseas remortgages

Conti, the UK’s leading specialist provider of mortgages and remortgages for overseas properties, offers competitive products with favourable arrangements.

For advice about re-mortgaging, contact our expert team who can provide all the assistance and guidance you need to handle your French mortgage affairs.

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