Retiring in France with a French property mortgage

Choosing a French property mortgage and retiring to France is, of course, a major life change. But it is one to be highly recommended.

One of the most important aims of retirement is to achieve an excellent quality of life. France has many of the benefits to attract retirees looking to build a new life in another country.

What are the key attractions that make France such a draw for many people as they weigh up the pros and cons of various locations in the country for a retirement home?

Most people with their heart set on retiring in France, perhaps by purchasing a French mortgage, head south for the mild winters and warm summers, an extremely temperate climate that makes it easy to relax.

Retirement and French mortgages

As well as great weather, the scenery across France can be breathtaking as well as diverse. From a wild and rocky Brittany towards the north, there are also the gently sloping wine regions across the country that you can make your home. Then, there are the mountainous parts in the French Alps and Pyrenees. In contrast, many prefer the sun-soaked French Riviera region where the Cote d’Azur can make an attractive base for those wanting to enjoy a beach-type lifestyle.

It’s not all about climate and scenery – the cost of living is usually also an important factor. Mostly, life is very affordable in France. Prices in main towns and cities can be a little off-putting but it is relatively easy to live within a budget buying local market produce and in-season food off the beaten track.

Dining out is quite normal and the cost is not high when eating at restaurants that are preferred by French residents and not frequented by tourists. It all adds up to a great standard of living.

French property mortgages for retirement

Conti are the experts in mortgages for UK retirees thinking about buying abroad. For the best advice when considering retiring in France, simply contact one of our team of advisers.

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