Searching for an overseas mortgage? France’s rural bargains may just sway you

If you are looking for an area completely untouched by tourism for your overseas mortgage,  France still has plenty of regions away from crowds of holidaymakers which can outshine the more popular cities and towns.

Loved by Europeans for centuries and only a stone’s throw across the channel for the British holidaymaker, ‘undiscovered France’ does not exist. However, plenty of French properties can still be found in locations that are unspoilt and inexpensive.

For an overseas mortgage, France may have what you’re looking for

When looking for these untouched areas of ‘authentic France’, you must first consider what facilities you are willing to forgo for the benefit of being relatively alone in an inexpensive area. Shops, leisure facilities and local services are likely to be severely limited the further into rural France you travel. Also, the more isolated an area, the less likely you are to find anyone that speaks English, so if your French is a bit weak, it may be worth investing in some lessons before you move.

Despite the difficulties that may come with moving to a more rural area, immersing yourself in a new culture can be highly rewarding. Taking part in local customs, eating unusual food and learning about local traditions can be a highly satisfying experience and one that may help you settle into your new property abroad quicker.

If you are looking for a reasonable overseas mortgage, France has lots to offer

Buying into areas ‘off the beaten track’ can also give you incredible value for money. A mortgage for a four-bedroom property abroad in the Dordogne for instance may be unaffordable, yet in a relatively secluded area it may be within your budget.

Mayenne, north of the Loire, is a good example of an area that can provide both beauty and reasonably priced properties. Whilst the châteaux, beautiful landscape and tranquil meandering river is still very much a part of Mayenne, the expensive price tags associated with the Loire valley are not.

Properties in this area range from small holiday homes and village houses starting from around €100,000 to fully renovated farmhouses from around €250,000 and tempting châteaux from €600,000. Without surrounding British expat neighbours, this quieter area of Pays de la Loire may be the perfect area for a quiet retreat in France.

Looking for an overseas mortgage? France may be just the place

A property abroad can provide you with the perfect retreat from a hectic life in the UK or the fresh start you need. With the comfort of only being a plane journey or train ride away, a house in France gives you the chance to enjoy and learn about a new culture without straying too far from home.

Call Conti for an overseas mortgage in France

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