Italian mortgages – Sardinia

As the second largest island in the Mediterranean, the Italian island of Sardinia boasts over 1,800km of awe-inspiring coastline that, together with its enviable climate, has made it an attractive option for those looking at Italian mortgages for property abroad.

Sardinia itself is located off the eastern coast of mainland Italy; it is surrounded by the French-owned island of Corsica, the Italian Peninsula, Tunisia and the Balearics. In recent years it has become even more popular as a tourist destination owing to a number of budget airlines that now run services to the island.

What brings tourists to Sardinia is a mixture of stunning beaches, picturesque seaside towns, numerous interesting ruins as well as particular tourist favourites such as Alghero, Capo Caccia and Neptune’s Cave.

Choosing an Italian mortgage to buy in Sardinia

When looking at property investment in Sardinia, the north tends to be more expensive than south. This is in part due to better transport links in the north. However, if you are shrewd and looking for an Italian mortgage for a property that is likely to rise considerably in price in the coming years, then it may be a sensible option to opt for the south. This is due to a planned road in the south which will make transport links far better and thus will eventually increase property prices.

As an alternative to the north and south, the eastern mountainous regions with its more rural inland areas provide the potential for finding fabulous renovation projects where you can build or modernise your own idyllic retreat, be it farmhouse, ruin, cottage or a fresh building plot.

If you are looking for an Italian mortgage for a property in Sardinia then contact the overseas mortgage experts at Conti who can guide you through every step of the Italian mortgage acquisition process.

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