Mortgages in Italy and the medieval town of Cefalú

If you are looking at investing in mortgages in Italy, the small medieval town of Cefalú would make a beautiful location for an Italian property. With cobbled, narrow streets, buildings dating from the 12th century and magnificent churches, this little town is an idyllic setting in which to invest in a mortgage for a property abroad.

With a sandy beach stretching alongside the town, Cefalú certainly scores highly for beauty. The town itself is dominated by the impressive looking 13th century Duomo which is filled with a beautiful mosaic interior depicting a large Christ Pantocrator surrounded by the Madonna, archangels and Apostles.

Find mortgages in Italy to enjoy the views around Cefalú

Even more imposing than the Duomo is the Rocca which is a massive crag that juts out above the town. Although it is a steep climb and not one to be undertaken during one of Italy’s gloriously hot summers, once at the top, you will be rewarded with the superb views out to sea and the sight of the tiny-looking town down below. Not far from the top you will also find the ‘Tempio di Diana’ which is an ancient megalithic stone structure which was given a modernisation in the 5th century BC in the classical Greek style.

Back down at sea level, there are plenty of other sights to enjoy including the Osterio Magno, which is the remaining part of a large 13th-century palace, and the Lavatorio, a Saracen wash house. As the sun begins to set, the picturesque harbour is well worth a walk around as you can watch the fishing boats returning with their day’s catch.

Mortgages in Italy for afternoon strolls along the beach

For a day trip away from the town, the volcanic Aeolian Islands can easily be reached by hydrofoil in the summer. Vulcano, one of the islands closest to the mainland, still shows signs of volcanic activity with its bubbling fumaroles sending hot gas bubbling into the sea, providing bathers with a warm Jacuzzi-like sensation.

If you are interested in an Italian mortgage for a property abroad surrounded by interesting sights, beautiful landscape and delicious food, Cefalú is the place for you. A mortgage for Italy in Cefalú will provide you and your family with a wonderful base to explore this fabulous region.

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A mortgage for a property abroad is a wonderful way to enjoy another culture as well as experiencing a new lifestyle full of exciting opportunities.

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