Look at mortgages for Turkey to invest in a holiday home in Fethiye

Set on a wide bay strewn with islands, if you are looking at mortgages for Turkey, Fethiye may be just the place to find a Turkish property.

Around 135kms southwest of Marmaris, this coastal city boasts a busy marina and fabulous ruins dating back to the 4th century BC. If you are looking for a holiday home in Turkey by the sea, Fethiye is certainly a place to consider.

Find mortgages in Turkey for a holiday home in Fethiye

Known for the rock tombs carved into the faces of its cliffs, the city is steeped in history. Tombs and sarcophagi tombs dating back to Lycian and Roman times lie around the city. The most prominent of these is the Tomb of Amyntas which instantly catches the eye with its terrific grandeur as you enter the bay.

The nearby Sovalye Island offers a beautiful destination for daytrips exploring as well as providing the perfect place for budding canoeists, windsurfers, sailors and snorkellers to enjoy the beautifully warm waters and mild seas.

For a day trip to the beach, the enchanting Belcegiz – Öl üdeniz (Blue Lagoon) known as “a paradise that God granted to Earth” can’t be beaten for its stunning crystal blue waters and captivating surroundings.

For nature lovers, the valleys of Koturumsu won’t fail to allure you. Only reachable by boat, this secluded paradise of waterfalls and pine forests is filled with thousands of butterflies that provide a colourful spectacle as they dance and flutter over the vibrant flowers.

Look at mortgages for Turkey to escape the miserable English winters

Whether you prefer idyllic fishing harbours, wandering around ancient civilisations, sunbathing on beautiful sandy beaches or enjoying the local nature, Fethiye has it all. It is the perfect location for a holiday home to escape the long and miserable English winters and, as it is a non-euro country, it is unaffected by the current weak pound to euro ratio.

Mortgages for Turkey from Conti

If you are interested in finding a Turkish property, the overseas mortgage specialists at Conti can help you. With their expertise in Turkish mortgages, they can offer you help and advice on what will be the best mortgage for you. Give them a call today and find mortgages for Turkey that are suited to your needs.

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