Mortgages for Turkey popular with retirees

Mortgages for Turkey are on the increase as more and more people flock overseas to spend their retirement. Lured by warmer climates, lower costs of living and the search for something different, Turkey is becoming a popular retirement choice. Retiring to Turkey is a rewarding experience, your pension will go further and you can relinquish the equity of your property in England and invest it into a Turkish property where your pound will stretch further and help you acquire a more luxurious property.

Enjoy warm summers with mortgages for Turkey

Turkey’s climate varies dramatically depending on the area you are in. Whilst the coastal areas around the Aegean Sea enjoy dry and hot summers, the mountainous region of the Anatolian Plateau is much more subject to extreme weather and can drop to temperatures of -40 Celsius during winter months.

Mortgages for Turkey open the door to a beautiful culture

As well as warm weather, Turkey also boasts diverse and beautiful scenery from white sandy beaches to dramatic mountains intertwined with the beautiful Ottoman architecture of its towns and cities.

Make your pound stretch with mortgages for Turkey
With a cost of living significantly lower than in the USA or the UK, retirees to the country will find that their mortgage for Turkey could help them attain a more comfortable standard of living than they may have afforded in the UK. Retirees to Turkey will still be able to claim their UK state pension despite living permanently abroad, giving the reassurance of a regular source of income.

Mortgages for Turkey from Conti
Conti are the experts in mortgages for UK retirees thinking about buying abroad. For the best advice when considering mortgages for Turkey, simply contact one of our team of advisers on 01273 772811

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