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Although the Spanish have never enjoyed the reputation for fine cuisine like their French or Italian neighbours, Spanish food is severely underrated and marred by the stereotype of garlic-drenched paella sprinkled with a few limp prawns. In fact, the real Spanish cuisine of the locals is fresh, varied, full of vibrant flavours and tasty enough to tempt any prospective house buyer in Spain into looking at Spanish mortgages.

Food is the focus of Spanish culture and to enjoy the true flavours of Spain, one must journey a little farther from the tourist clad beach resorts and head inland where you can get a real taste of the exotic herbs and spices that flavour their dishes.

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Spanish cuisine reflects the nation’s turbulent history, Mediterranean culture and diverse geography. The extreme poverty suffered under Franco’s brutal regime coupled with centuries of occupation by the Moors has had a huge impact on the Spanish diet of today.

The Moorish influence can be tasted in the array of spices that flavour Spanish dishes. Saffron and cumin amongst other exotic spices are all commonly used in their delicious soups and stews that are regularly on the menu. As the Moors did not eat anything made from pigs, pork dishes became very popular among the Christians as a statement of disapproval of the Moorish regime.

Spanish mortgages for sampling Spanish cuisine

Spain’s most famous dish, the paella was invented by the poor people of Valencia. Far from the exotic and extravagant ingredients of the paellas found around the tourist resorts, paella was originally made from green and broad beans mixed with off cuts of rabbit and locally produced short grain rice. This more traditional Valencian paella can still be found in many restaurants in small towns, villages and mountain pueblos throughout Valencia.

Spanish mortgages to tantalise your taste buds

The national diet of Spain is characterised by its passion for fresh fish and olive oil. Spanish children regularly enjoy a snack of clams or snails and workmen will often tuck into a breakfast of octopus for breakfast. The Costa del Sol is famous for its grilled sardines barbecued on the beach and Galicia in the north west of Spain is renowned for serving some of the finest fresh fish in the world.

Spain therefore has a wealth of culinary delights for you to sample and enjoy from the superb fresh fish of the North West, to the Gazpacho soup of Andalusia. So if the beautiful warm climate or vibrant culture doesn’t tempt you into buying a property in Spain then the delicious Spanish cuisine certainly should.

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