French mortgages and the great sights of La Belle France

With so many sights to see and places to explore, a French mortgage is the perfect way to really get to know France and the wonders that its cities hold. The Musée du Louvre is just one example of the many sights that are best appreciated without the restrictions of a limited time period.

Home to over 35,000 works of art from eight different departments, the Musée du Louvre has long since drawn in visitors from all over the world all seeking to catch a glimpse of the marvels that it holds inside.

Built on the capital’s western edge, the building has dominated central Paris since the late 12th century. The dark fortress that originally stood where the Louvre stands today was transformed into the modernised inhabitancy of François I and later into the luxurious palace of Louis XIV. From its public opening in 1793, the Louvre has embodied the concept of a truly universal institution due to the scope of its collections and its wide-ranging appeal.

With over 60,000 square metres of exhibition space dedicated to its permanent displays alone, it takes several hours to briefly tour all of the exhibitions. However, to really appreciate the artwork and take advantage of the touring exhibitions that the Louvre is host to, regular visits are essential.

Choosing to have your property abroad in France would therefore allow you to get to know sights like the Louvre properly. With a French property on the outskirts of Paris, regular trips into the city centre would allow you to appreciate this wonderful city and its beautiful sights fully, rather than from just a tourist’s perspective.

With exhibitions including Islamic Art, Egyptian Antiquities, sculptures, Decorative Arts and Etruscan artwork, no matter what you are interested in, you are almost guaranteed to find it at the Louvre.

The Musée du Louvre is just one example of the many sights and attractions in France that need time to be fully explored and appreciated. As well as enjoying getting to know some of the famous landmarks, having a mortgage for France also allows you to really immerse yourself in the French culture. A holiday in France may allow you to appreciate the French landscape, but it won’t allow you to really get to know the French culture. This is why so many British expats find having a house in France so rewarding as you can experience the French lifestyle for yourself.

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