Sort your French mortgage and pet passport

As a nation of pet lovers, it is inevitable that many of those looking at French mortgages will have pets that they want to take with them. However many are uncertain of the rules and regulations that surround pet emigration and the documents that are required.

If you haven’t travelled with your pets before then plenty of time should be allowed to sort out pet passports and to allow for any injections needed. As soon as you know you will be moving your pet overseas, you should make an appointment with your vet to arrange for a health check and to organise the necessary micro chipping, rabies vaccination and blood test that will be needed for acquiring a pet passport.

Sort your French mortgage and pet passport

The EU pet passport consists of a small blue booklet issued by licensed veterinarians. It contains information on the ownership of the animal as well as any previous travel history and vaccination dates. There is even a space for a photo!

The passport allows pets to move between the UK and France without the need for lengthy quarantine stays. If your pet has had a rabies vaccination before or they are under three months old, they can travel to France straight away. Animals that are receiving the vaccination for the first time however have to wait 21 days before travel to allow the immunisation to take effect.

Acquire your French mortgage and arrange for your pet to come with you

Once the pet passport process is complete, the means of transport needs to be decided upon. If you decide upon air travel then a further health check has to be carried out before your animal can be transported. Most ferry services require you to leave your animal in the car while you are on the ferry but some will let you take them into a cabin. If your animal suffers from a nervous disposition then it may be worth giving them a tranquilliser before they travel to keep them calm before the crossing.

There are many animal couriers that will sort out all your pet’s travel arrangements for you. However you should find out as much information about them as possible before booking to ensure your pet is going to be well looked after.

Once you have arrived in France, you need to keep your pet’s rabies vaccinations up to date to prevent your pet being quarantined on return to the UK. You also have to take your pet to the vet to get tick and tapeworm treatment before they are allowed to re-enter the UK.

Arranging a French mortgage with Conti

If you have decided you want to move to France with your animals, overseas mortgage specialists Conti can help you. With experience and expertise in French property mortgage, Conti can help make your move to France less stressful.

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