A French mortgage for a property in the historic region of Languedoc

Enjoy the benefits of a French mortgage in the historic region of Languedoc. With a plethora of activities and sights to enjoy, this region is ever popular with those looking for a mortgage in France.

The abundance of lakes and rivers means that watersports are popular in all parts of this region. Among the best centres for these activities is Roquebran, a picturesque village that looks down over the hillside onto the river Orb. With events such as the Mondial duVent, a nine day windsurfing and kite surfing competition, the area is perfect for those with a love of the water and all things to do with it.

Mortgages for France for a region full of culture and historical interest

For those who prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground, Languedoc also boasts some of the most beautiful historic villages in France. Medieval circular villages can be found across the whole of the region but particularly surrounding the village of Rázes.

Often situated on hilltops, the Circulades as they are now known, were built in a circular shape for defensive purposes. Originating from the 11th and 12th centuries, the design of the Circulades is also thought to have been influenced by Christian ideology.

Also common in the area are Bastides which are similar in formation to Circulades but make up two settlements instead of one. The new city of Carcassonne is a great place to see an example of one of these medieval structures with the Bastide of St-Louis right at the heart of the city.

Mortgages for France for Les plus Beaux Villages de France

As well as all of its historic buildings to appreciate, the area is also home to Les Plus Beaux Villages de France. Literally translated to mean the most beautiful villages in France, you will be hard pushed to invest your French mortgage in one of these. To qualify even for consideration, these villages must have no more than 2000 inhabitants. It also must also have two sites that are classified as of historic interest.

With so much beauty and history to enjoy as well as a whole host of watersports activities, Languedoc is a popular destination with the British Expat.

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