A French mortgage in Languedoc-Roussillion

The Languedoc-Roussillion region of France is characterised by a 200km coastline that has over 40 stunning beaches together with ancient ports, resort towns, lively fishing harbours, tranquil coves and an exceptional Mediterranean climate; it’s no wonder many Parisians choose Languedoc-Roussillion as a place to own their second home. Over the past few years the popularity and accessibility of low-cost air travel to the region (Carcassonne airport) together with increased media exposure has meant prices of property have rocketed, with many Britons keen to take out a French mortgage to acquire one of the traditional picturesque stone-built farmhouses in the region.

Geographically speaking Languedoc-Roussillon borders Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, Rhone-Alpes, Auvergne and Midi-Pyrenees on the French side, and Spain, Andorra and the Mediterranean Sea on the other. This unique position gives it an enviable climate which has been used to great effect over the centuries in terms of winemaking with the region dominated by over 740,000 acres of vineyards. In fact, it has been estimated that Languedoc-Roussillion produced one in ten bottles of the world’s wine during the 20th century!

In terms of property if you want the best of the sun it is advised to avoid the mountainous areas of the region and head down towards the coastal areas. However, for those wanting a French mortgage for a property that has the best of both worlds in terms of sun and scenery, the foothills area is the best choice as it provides consistent good weather together with beautiful countryside. In contrast, some of the coastal areas can suffer somewhat from being overly commercialised, flat and lacking the traditional beauty of the region.

Obtaining a French mortgage is no easy feat as the procedures and protocol involved differ markedly to that of a UK mortgage. Luckily Conti is here to help you navigate the common (and uncommon) pitfalls, and with over 14 years of providing a bespoke service for mortgages in France there is no one better qualified to get you the best French mortgage deal possible.

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