Search French mortgage rates to enjoy the culinary delights of the Pays d’Auge

Choosing from French mortgage rates for a house in France for many is the realisation of dreams. With quick and easy transport links, weekends in France are a feasible possibility and can offer a wonderful way of unwinding from the day-to-day stresses that life in the UK can bring.

The Pays d’Auge offers the ideal getaway destination with its laid back lifestyle and archetypal picture-postcard landscape. Perfect for the cider enthusiast or indeed anyone who enjoys fine French food and beautiful countryside, Pays d’Auge perfectly encapsulates the charms of rural France that everyone dreams about with its rolling meadows dotted with brown-and-white cows and farmhouses selling cider and cheese.

Find French mortgage rates for a house in Pays d’Auge

Pays d’Auge is made up of several towns and villages which lie in between the green twisting valleys and the hectares of orchards which yield the best of Norman ciders, both apple and pear, as well as apple brandy (calvados). Tours of the local cider producers can be taken and sampling along the way is definitely encouraged so that you can taste for yourself the beautiful orange-gold nectar which the farmers have proudly created.

To encourage visitors to their cellars, the cider farmers have set up Route du Cidre which is a circular tour of cider farms in the Cambremer region which is at the heart of Pays d’Auge. Despite being produced in the same region, each of the ciders is startlingly distinct with huge variations in colour, flavour and aroma.

Search for a French mortgage rate to enjoy the tastes of Normandy

Grazing in the apple orchards are the famous brown and white Normandy cows whose milk is used in the making of renowned cheeses such as Camembert, Livarot and Pont l’Év êque. Livarot is one of Normandy’s oldest cheeses. It is named after the town of Livarot in Calvados. Reddish in colour and kept together with strips of reeds or paper, this cheese used to be referred to as ‘the labourer’s meat’ as it had such a high nutritional content. The cheese is still produced in Pays d’Auge and has gained an AOP or Appellation d’Origine Prot égé ewhich is an official European sign of quality.

For a house in Pays d’Auge, Lisieux, the region’s capital is one of the most charming places in Normandy and offers the ideal base for exploring the rest of the area. Although the town was largely destroyed after World War II, a few examples of the half-timbered houses which used to dominate the town are still visible. Lisieux was the home of St Therese, a nun who was canonized in 1925 following her death in 1897. The town has since become a place of pilgrimage as people flock to visit the chapel in the convent where her remains lie.

If the thought of having a selection of the world’s finest cider and cheese makers on your doorstep appeals to you, a property in Pays d’Auge may be for you.

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