French mortgages for property in Cannes

As the host town for an annual world famous film festival, a Mediterranean climate that enjoys 12 hours of summer sunshine per day and temperatures that regularly reaches 40 degrees, it’s no wonder why Cannes attracts the rich and famous to its opulent shores.

The actual town itself is best known for its waterfront avenue, ‘La Croisette’, with palm trees, picturesque beaches, boutique shops, cafes and restaurants it very much epitomizes the extravagance of a town that becomes the Hollywood away from home in May every year. As one would expect property in Cannes is at a premium, with countless luxurious houses, mansions, villas and high-end gated communities co-habiting alongside the prestigious hotels, expensive restaurants and luxury stores. To obtain a French mortgage for a property in Cannes usually entails having deep pockets as well as a good deal of luck; as due to its popularity property does not stay on the market long when it comes up for sale. However, if you can front the costs for a property mortgage in the region then it is likely that given the undeniably fantastic weather and continued prosperity and popularity of the town, that it will be a sound investment for many years to come.

In order to secure a French property mortgage in Cannes it is important that you follow the correct procedures and protocol, as French mortgages differ a great deal to that of UK mortgages. As the leading overseas mortgage specialist, Conti have many years of experience in helping people get the best mortgage deal possible for their homes overseas. Please contact Conti and we will guide you through every step of the way.

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