French mortgages in Brittany

With 30km of beautiful pink granite coastline and excellent transport links to both the UK and Paris, it’s no wonder that taking out a French mortgage for a property in the province of Brittany has become a popular choice for many expats.

Occupying a large peninsula in the north-west of France, Brittany has an estimated population of 4.3million, with the most densely populated area being Nantes, followed closely by Rennes and lastly Brest. Its west coast location ensures Brittany has a relatively warm and temperate climate and is kept lush, green and wooded by regular rainfall. In the summer, temperatures can reach in excess of 30 degrees Celsius but in general the climate is moderate during both the summer and the winter months.

Famous for its cider, Brittany is the second largest cider producing region in France, with the traditional French fare of wine being produced in relatively small quantities in comparison. And for lovers of seafood getting a mortgage for property in France is justification enough, especially in Brittany where the surrounding sea offers a delectable selection of fresh seafood, especially oysters and mussels.

Brittany is well served in the transport stakes with several airports catering for both French and English destinations. A well-linked train service connects the region with Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Lille and the renowned Brittany Ferries operate a regular service throughout the year.

Whether you’ll be looking at one of the popular summer resorts of La Baule, Gulf of Morbihan or Belle, or perhaps the hustle and bustle of Nantes takes your fancy, a French mortgage needn’t be a headache to obtain. Let the experts at Conti take the hassle away, with over 14 years experience of handling French mortgages we have built up in-depth local knowledge of all the documentation required to get you the best possible mortgage offer.

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