French mortgages in Normandy

The birthplace of the brioche and equally famous for its cheese, cider and fantastic seafood, the province of Normandy is just a stones throw away from the UK but is undeniably French in every aspect. Well connected to the UK, Ferries run from Dieppe to Newhaven, Caen to Portsmouth and Cherbourg to Poole so if you are looking for a mortgage for a property in France that is easily accessible to the UK, Normandy has many advantages.

Nestled between Brittany and Picardy along the south coast of France, Normandy is divided into two regions – Basse-Normandie and Haute-Normandie, each with their own unique characteristics. Basse-Normandie is very much the agricultural hub of the region, with cattle breeding being of particular importance. In contrast Haute-Normandie is the more industrial area.

Normandy has many claims to fame especially in the gastromic stakes, the invention of the brioche, its significant cider production and calvados, and owing to the large number of cattle, a wide range of significant dairy products are produced. Of these, Normandy butter and cream are held in very high regard, as is their cheeses with Camembert, Petit Suisse and Boursin being some of Normandy’s most famous exports. However, it is Normandy’s fish and seafood that truly sets it apart, with Turbot and oysters from the Cotentin Peninsula renowned as delicacies throughout the whole of France. It is also one of the biggest oyster, scallop and mussel exporting regions in France.

Characterised by mile upon mile of wide sandy beaches and unspoilt countryside, it is not hard to imagine taking out a French mortgage for a property in Normandy. At Conti we have lived and breathed French mortgages for the last 14 years, we know exactly what it takes to get you through each and every necessary step to secure the right mortgage deal.

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