French property mortgage in Nice

If you are looking for a French property mortgage for a place in southern France then you would be hard pushed to beat the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur region and in particular the city of Nice.

Located on the Mediterranean coast, Nice holds the tourist title as the second most popular French city after Paris; in fact, it is the fifth largest city in the whole of France. Along with likes of Monaco and Cannes, Nice is part of what is known as the ‘French Riviera’.

A French mortgage in Nice and surrounding environs is of particular interest to second home buyers, those looking to find a base where they can live out their dream of owning a French property in a place that’s rich in history and culture, has amazing scenery and is typical in its French character. It is also a good time to invest in a French property mortgage in Nice as a newly completed Nice Tramway and Voie Rapide (ring-road) has all aided its appeal as a metropolitan must-see city.

Properties in Nice compared to the other towns on the French Riviera are very competitive and with the new tram system opening up parts of the city that were previously thought too inaccessible, such as Libration and areas around Avenue Georges V, Nice investment opportunities are becoming more and more sought after. According to one estate agent per square metre properties in Nice stand at £2,723 compared to £4,070 in Cannes.

Another aspect that Nice has got going for it in regards to a French property mortgage is that there is a high supply and turnover of property that enables prices to remain reasonable compared to similar areas. With even more tram routes under construction opening up other areas of the city, it all looks decidedly rosy for Nice and a French mortgage for property in the area.

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