Rail plans make a mortgage for France more enticing for rural properties

If you are considering investing in a mortgage for France to buy your new home in France, the effortlessly quick high speed rail network might just be the thing to help persuade you. With plans underway to improve the whole of France’s rail network, so that the country will be far better linked, even the rural areas of France that you perhaps may have dismissed as being too hard to reach before, will now be more feasible as a weekend retreat or a summer holiday home as rail journey times decrease.

Not everyone wants to travel by air and with the onus on greener, more environmentally friendly travel, jumping on the aeroplane isn’t always the best option. Travelling by train can be much more relaxing and cheaper than air travel as it comes without the stress of passports, early check in times and the worry about losing your baggage.

Invest in a mortgage for France for the best high speed rail network in Europe

France has long since been the European leader for high speed rail transport and currently boasts nearly 1,250 miles of specially built line linking many of its major cities which far exceeds the pathetic 70 miles of purpose-built high-speed track that England currently holds. Plans for a £16bn extension to the current French rail network will see this increased to 2,500 miles by 2020

Jean-Marie Guillemot from the RFF, the body that runs France’s rail infrastructure said their priority is to, “accelerate the transfer from road to rail and to give an alternative to short-haul air travel.” Plans to link Paris to Le Mans and all the way down to Rennes are underway as are plans to create a faster service between Paris and Strasbourg so that commuters from Strasbourg can reach the capital in less than two hours (it currently takes 2hours 20mins).

Over 200 miles of track is to be built all the way to Bordeaux from Tours in the Loire Valley. Work on the existing lines is also underway to help relieve the fully saturated Paris to Lyon line which has proved heavily popular.

Rail plans make a mortgage for France in the Loire Valley even more enticing

Once these plans have been realised, regions of France perhaps considered by British expats as being too far away to find a property to invest a French mortgage in, will now be more of a possibility.

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