Enjoy a good game of boules with a mortgage in France

Living with a mortgage in France would not be complete without playing a few games of boules. Otherwise known as pétanque, this is perhaps the sport that is closest to French hearts and is one that any British Expat should become acquainted with to truly immerse themselves in French culture.

Boules is similar to British lawn bowling, but is generally played on hard dirt or gravel. Consisting of metallic boules and a smaller wooden jack or coche, the aim of the game is to get your boules as close to the coche as possible. A point is scored for each boule you get closer than your opponent’s boule to the coche and the side to reach 13 wins the game.

Immerse yourself in the French culture with a mortgage in France

The sport is believed to have originated from ancient Greece as a pastime for the nobles. It came to France well before the Revolution and was a royal recreation for a good many years before it was allowed to be played by the general populace.

The current form of the game originated in 1907 in La Ciotat, Provence and the game is still generally associated with the south of France today despite being played across the whole of France. Around 17 million French people are thought to play the game and it has become the country’s leading outdoor recreation with set aside boules playing areas or terrains de boules across the counrty. Indoor boules areas have even been erected to allow for year round playing.

Get involved with local sports with a mortgage in France

Although the thought of being in a boules team may not have first sprung to your mind as you looked for your property in France, boules teams are a brilliant way of getting to know the local people and learning some French.

The sport has become quite a competitive game with 22 leagues set up to cater for different levels. Many of these hold national and international meets and every other year there is a world championship with divisions for men, women and juniors.

If boules are not your thing then of course there are plenty of other activities in and around the towns which will help acquaint you with the locals and help you get to grips with the language. However, there can’t be any other sport in France which will really immerse you in the French culture more than this rather genteel but wonderfully social game.

If you are looking at a property abroad and have been enticed by the sociable vibe that can be found around France, Conti the overseas mortgage specialists can help find you a French mortgage for your French property.

With a mortgage in France you can truly relax on holiday

Having a second home abroad provides the perfect place for a weekend away or holiday with your family. Owning a holiday home in France cuts out the hassle and worry of renting a villa or finding a good hotel as you can be sure that it is perfect for you and is set up for your needs.

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If you have found the perfect property in France, Conti can help you find the perfect mortgage to go with it. Our friendly team of French mortgage specialists will help advise you of the overseas mortgage process and ensure that getting a mortgage in France goes as swiftly and smoothly as possible. Give us a call on 01273 772811 or fill in an online enquiry form today.

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