Mortgages for France for cycling around the beautiful French countryside

If you are a cyclist looking at mortgages for France, then you will be delighted by how cycle friendly France is.

Perhaps inspired by the infamously demanding Tour de France, the French love their cycling and cyclists of all ages can be seen year round taking to the quiet roads for a bike ride in the beautiful countryside. The French are quite competitive when it comes to cycling and it is not uncommon to see people in their 60s racing each other on the roads surrounding the Pyrenees.

Look at mortgages for France to enjoy the quiet roads of the French countryside

With much quieter roads than in the UK and a more temperate climate, France is perfect for those looking to explore the beautiful French landscape on two wheels. For the more advanced rider, there is plenty of cycling holidays that will take you along the route ridden by the stars.

For those that fancy a more relaxed cycling excursion, there are plenty of cycling holidays for the less confident rider which sedately mosey along the flatter roads, stopping off every now and again at a pub for some pain au fromage and maybe the odd glass of vin rouge.

Enjoy the rich cuisine of Dordogne with mortgages for France

The Dordogne and Loire regions are perhaps the best for cycling. The great history, superb gastronomy and fantastic countryside of the Dordogne make it a top spot for cyclists. Passing through ancient villages, stopping to explore the Romanesque churches and indulge in the rich cuisine of the area, Dordogne is the perfect place for those looking for a quiet cycle and good food.

The Loire valley is another great area for the cyclist to explore with its magnificent chateaux overlooking the beautiful rolling hills filled with vineyards and the lazily flowing rivers that gently meander through the region. Calling in at vineyards to sample the local vintage and enjoying the warm sunshine on the riverbanks, the Loire valley offers a peaceful and lazy exploration of French architecture in this tranquil area.

Whether you are a regular cyclist or a complete beginner, cycling is the perfect way to get to know this beautiful country.

Conti can help you find mortgages for France

If you are looking at properties in France, the people at Conti can help you find a French mortgage to suit your needs. Our team of friendly advisers will be only too happy to answer your questions on mortgages for France. Give them a ring today on 01273 77 28 11

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