Make your dreams a reality with a re-mortgage deal

Getting a re-mortgage for your French property can be a great way of carrying out renovation work. If you have invested your French mortgage in a house that needs a bit of TLC or you are looking to install a swimming pool, releasing your property’s equity through a French home re-mortgage can release the necessary funds to help bring your house up to scratch.
Everybody dreams of a house with a swimming pool to enjoy the warmer French climate in. However finding the right property with a pool can sometimes prove a challenge, so why not consider building your own pool?

Why not re-mortgage your property to build a swimming pool?

The cost of installing a swimming pool will obviously vary depending on what type of pool you go for and can vary from 500 Euros for an above-ground pool to 25,000 euros for a top of the range one. However if you are confident of your DIY skills, carrying out some of the work yourself can save you a lot of money.

When you are planning a budget for your pool, make sure you allow for maintenance costs such as heating and filter systems – running costs can vary from 400 euros – 2,000 euros annually. As well as being more expensive to install, an in ground pool also increases your tax bill as it is considered a permanent fixture.

Using your re-mortgage to install a pool will increase your property’s value

On the plus side however, adding a well fitted swimming pool to your property can greatly increase its value. As a general rule, the value a pool adds to a property is at least the cost of the installation. Therefore you can rest assured that the right re-mortgage deal to enhance your property will definitely pay when you come to sell your home.

Having a pool also increases your property’s rental potential. A swimming pool next to the house is a must for holidaymakers which means that not only will your house receive more interest as a holiday home, but you can charge more for the rent as well.

Use your re-mortgage for an eco-pool

For the environmentally conscious, salt water pools are a great alternative to chlorinated ones. They also offer a softer quality of water and are less of an irritant to eyes and skin. Although pricey to install, the running costs of a saltwater pool are much lower as rather than needing monthly top ups of chemicals, it simply needs a bag of salt every year.

Find a great re-mortgage deal with Conti

If you are considering a re-mortgage to fund a swimming pool installation on your property or you want to use the money to pay for renovations, Conti’s re-mortgage specialists are the next step, with great French re-mortgage deals to be found.

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