Mortgages in Italy grow more popular as property market stabilises

The number of people looking at mortgages in Italy has soared, cementing the country’s position among the top three most popular European destinations for Brits to buy abroad.

According to PrimeLocation International Search Index, the number of searches for property in Italy now makes up 6% of all international searches just behind those for France, Spain and the USA. This co-insides with the overall increase in interest for property abroad which has risen by 17% in the last couple of months reflecting how confidence in the international property market is improving.

Invest in a mortgage in Italy for a fantastic long term investment

Ann Wright, International Development Manager of Primelocation International commented: “Italy has a wide appeal offering everything from the coastal retreats of Tuscany and the Lakes to the fashion houses and designer stores of Milan.”

Property prices are also beginning to stabilise in Italy which is another sure sign that the housing market is improving and overseas buyers are beginning to invest in the country once more. While the stabilised house prices are encouraging, an even more promising sign is the widespread increase in property interest that agents recorded since March 2009.

Mortgages in Italy even more appealing

This is great news for British expats looking at mortgages for property abroad as a more stabilised property market means that your Italian home is more likely to retain its value and means that an investment in an Italian property will be more secure as the property will retain its value.

With the Italian property market picking up, an Italian mortgage will not only provide you with a wonderful place to spend your holidays, but also it could prove a fantastic long term investment.

Invest in a mortgage in Italy with Conti

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