Italian mortgage news – You could own a vineyard with your Italian mortgage

How do you fancy sipping your own wine whilst watching the sun set over your Tuscan vineyard? With more and more properties set in the heart of Italian vineyards coming on the market to invest your Italian mortgage in, owning your own wine label is becoming an affordable reality meaning you can join the likes of Sting without having to become a rich celebrity.

With wine tourism becoming more and more popular, many budding oenologists are turning to wine share companies that will produce and run your vineyard for you. This allows you to have the opportunity of getting involved in winemaking without having the responsibility that comes with growing and maintaining the vineyard.

Although you can get EU grants for producing your own wine, a more cost effective alternative is to buy a property on a working wine estate where you can simply enjoy the results of someone else’s hard work.

Use an Italian mortgage to buy a vineyard

Having a holiday home in the heart of a wine tasting region can also prove a sensible investment, giving you the opportunity to tap into the increasingly popular wine tourism and rent out your property. According to TripAdvisor, wine tasting is on the up with Tuscany the most popular Italian destination. Many wine tourists are going abroad to taste the finest wines of the area and attend wine tasting classes.

Investing in an Italian property could therefore prove cost effective as well as giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture. The many wine share schemes on offer allow you to get a real flavour of Italy and the chance to buy an Italian property that could earn its keep.

Conti can help your Italian mortgage dream

To help you get closer to sampling your own wine from your Italian vineyard, give Conti a call. With their experience in Italian mortgages and expertise in the process of buying an overseas property, they can help you get closer to your dream.

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