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Where can one start when talking about Rome? As one of the founding cities of western civilisation, Rome is known under many grandiose pseudonyms, ‘Caput mundi’ (Capital of the world), ‘La citta dei sette colli’ (City of Seven Hills) and l’Urbe (the City). When looking to invest in an Italian mortgage for a property in Rome you are not buying into any normal city, you are buying into a historical and cultural treasure.

Too numerous to mention them all, the sights of Rome include such wonders as the Colloseum, Pantheon, Roman Forum, Trajan’s column, Trajan’s market, the Spanish steps, Vatican city as well as the National Museum of Rome, the Museum of Roman Civilisation and the National Gallery of Modern Art to name but a few. When cultural and historical aspects are coupled with famous shopping avenues (Via Condotti, Via Borognona and Via Frattina), fine food and a bustling nightlife, it’s not hard to see the attraction of purchasing an Italian property in Rome.

As you would expect, property in the heart of Rome is at a premium, so before serious investment is made it is strongly advisable to rent so you can get a feel of the area you would most like to get an Italian property mortgage for. Property in Rome, both in style and cost, are quite unlike most other parts of Italy, so if you are considering investing in a more cost effective manner, the more rural locations of Rome on the outskirts of the city offer a wider and more affordable price choice.

When looking to buy abroad, whether for a second home or holiday let, it is important you ascertain that all the necessary procedures have been taken care of for your Italian property mortgage. This is why the overseas mortgage experts at Conti are on hand to guide you through every step of the process.

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