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A number of studies have shown that the southern region of Italy is a major ‘hot spot’ for overseas property investment, with many Britons looking at Italian mortgages to finance their properties in southern Italy.

Two regions in particular stand out – Puglia and Calabria; nestled in the heel and toe of Italy’s boot. Calabria has a population of about two million people with Catanzaro its regional capital. It is surrounded to the east by the Ionian Sea and the west by the Tyrrhenian Sea and it has a long narrow peninsula that stretches 248km north to south.

Cities of note include Reggio Calabria which is the oldest and largest city in the province, famed for a panoramic seaside, beautiful beaches, art nouveau buildings and botanical gardens.

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The other focus region – Puglia – is bordered by the Adriatic Sea and the Gulf of Taranto, its population being about four million. As a region it is quite dry and flat, becoming mountainous in the North. The capital, Bari is quite industrial whilst boasting some attractions of interest, including the Basilica di San Nicola and the Petruzzelli Theatre.

The reason for the increased interest in southern Italy is the reasonable property prices in contrast to the rest of Italy. When it concerns overseas mortgages and UK property buyers, southern Italy is markedly untapped, which has resulted in prices remaining far more stable. In addition, investment in the region is relatively safe due to Italy’s mostly stable economy.

Overseas mortgages for southern Italy

Given that it’s an up and coming area and has some of the best of Italy’s beaches alongside a warm and sunny climate, whether looking for pure property investment or relocation, the southern regions of Italy have a great deal going for them.

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