Turkish mortgages are growing in popularity

Demand for property in Turkey is growing with increasing numbers of Britons considering moving to the country to live overseas on a budget.

Financial services firms report that applications for mortgages in Turkey have more than doubled in recent times.

Expatriate buyers are discovering that the country is an attractive destination because the country’s currency is Turkish lira and not the euro.

Mortgages in Turkey for expats

A warm climate and favourable exchange rate have meant that expats are happy to consider making Turkey their home.

Overseas property experts have noted evidence of an increase in Britons wanting to make a permanent move to the Muslim country of Turkey.

Turkey has become the ninth most popular country for tourists to visit, according to figures compiled by the World Tourism Organisation. Back at the start of the millennium, a little under 10 million people visited the country, a statistic which has now grown to more than 22 million.

Turkish mortgages attractive for Britons

Conti, one of the UK’s leading overseas mortgage companies, reported applications for property in the country grew by 143 per cent during early parts of this year.

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