Experience the world’s fourth largest city with a mortgage in Turkey

An increasing number of Brits are getting a mortgage in Turkey to swap their hum drum lives in the UK for the hustle and bustle of the vibrant streets of Istanbul, Turkey’s ‘City of Desire’. This enormous and magnificent city has to be seen to be believed and its infectious joie de vivre helps make it the fourth most populated city in the world.

Find a mortgage in Turkey for the bustling Istanbul

More and more British residents are moving to Istanbul as Turkey is beginning to replace the more traditional expatriate hot spots of France and Spain. The city is split into over 27 districts which despite the city’s large population, includes large areas of greenery, open air gyms and children’s parks giving residents somewhere to escape the busy city centre. Parkland can easily be reached even from Taksim Square which is considered the heart of modern Istanbul. Vigilant street cleaners work hard to ensure that the city stays clean and tidy and graffiti is kept at a minimum.

To accommodate Istanbul’s growing popularity, new development is springing up across the city and if you are looking to buy a Turkish property to invest your overseas mortgage in then the apartment complexes within a short distance from the central business district are worth taking a look at.

Get a mortgage in Turkey away from the tourist areas

The tourist area surrounding the Golden Horn is favoured by many expats because of the readily available accommodation that is so easy to find. However it is not the cheapest area to live or the nicest either; street vendors and tourists swarm the streets and because it is a tourist area, everywhere from the restaurants to the local grocery will charge far more than places away from the Golden Horn.

Although still much cheaper than other European cities, property prices in Istanbul are likely to rise as more people discover the increasing array of happening bars, restaurants and clubs around the city which are now outnumbering the hundreds of exquisite Ottoman mosques spread across the Istanbul. The city has a bounty of delights to entice tourists and new residents alike. During the day there are historic buildings and new art galleries to explore and by night there is a mass of restaurants to sample and bars to enjoy.

Conti will help you find a mortgage in Turkey

If you find yourself tempted by the exciting buzz of the hot and busy streets of Istanbul, the people at Conti can help you find a Turkish mortgage to suit your needs. Their expertise in obtaining mortgages overseas will help guide you through the necessary processes required to obtain a 
mortgage in Turkey
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