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If you are buying an investment property abroad, Conti recommends you use international tax specialists, Property Tax International, to assist you in filing your UK and foreign tax returns. As a Conti client you can benefit from a free, no obligation review of your international and domestic tax position.

Property Tax International (PTI) is the market leader in the provision of accounting services for UK and Irish non-resident property owners. PTI offers a range of book-keeping services for UK and Irish residents, including tax return filing, tax planning and tax ID registration.

Each country has its own tax legislation, tax assessment rules and tax forms with constantly changing tax rates and calculation methods. This is particularly the case within Eastern European countries, as they start to bring their tax laws in line with EU tax regulations. This situation, coupled with the language barriers, can make filing your tax returns a difficult and time consuming process. PTI’s multi-lingual property tax teams offer a service which simplifies the tax filing process and relieves you of this administrative burden.

Click here to register with PTI now and a tax specialist will call to discuss your obligations.

Alternatively call PTI’s Property Tax Team on 0207 659 9187 and quote Conti.

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  • Bulgaria property tax information Bulgaria
  • Cyprus property tax information Cyprus
  • Dubai property tax information Dubai
  • France property tax information France
  • Germany property tax information Germany
  • Hungary property tax information Hungary
  • Ireland property tax information Ireland
  • Italy property tax information Italy
  • Poland property tax information Poland
  • Portugal property tax information Portugal
  • Spain property tax information Spain
  • Turkey property tax information Turkey
  • USA property tax information USA
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