Invest in a Spanish mortgage for a beautiful property in Sevilla

If you are looking for a vibrant, dynamic city full of history and culture, then Sevilla maybe just the place to invest your Spanish mortgage.

Built on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, Sevilla is filled with historic buildings, museums, art centres and interesting architecture. The city, one of the largest in Europe, dates back to the Tartessian civilization from the 9th century B.C and has also been occupied by the Romans and the Moors.

Find a Spanish mortgage for a property in Sevilla

To the north of the city lies the Sierra Norte National Park which is located in the midst of the area’s La Cruz mountain range and is teeming with wildlife and scattered with charming Andalucian mountain villages such as El Pedroso and Las Navas de la Concepciór. With their easy access to all the amenities of Sevilla but without the hustle and bustle of a large city, one of these quiet mountain villages maybe a good option for those looking for some peace and quiet but with the convenience of having a large city within easy reach.

These tiny villages surround the Huéznar River where fishing and other watersports can be enjoyed. The largest of these rustic communities is the town of Constantina which boasts a Moorish castle and medieval streets lined with pretty white-washed houses.

Find a Spanish mortgage to buy-to-let your property

Properties away from Sevilla are likely to be cheaper than those based in the heart of the city with three bedroom properties in neighbouring villages going from around €130.000. This would make a great investment if you are looking to buy-to-let your Spanish property.

If however you want somewhere closer to the beautiful beaches that Spain has to offer, then nearby Cadiz maybe a better place for you to invest your mortgage for Spain. Located about at hour away from Sevilla, Cadiz is a city of two halves. The modern area is a metropolis of elegant buildings and fantastic beaches whereas the old town has an array of beautiful plazas and is home to one of the oldest indoor markets in Spain.

Invest in a Spanish mortgage with Conti

If you have been enticed by La Buena vida and are interested in buying a property in Spain, give the people at Conti a ring.

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