Barcelona and Spanish mortgages

As the second largest city in Spain, Barcelona enjoys a beautiful Mediterranean climate that attracts visitors from across the world, so much so that Barcelona is recognised as the most popular city break destination in the whole of Europe for British travellers. With this in mind, a city that’s popular for tourists is a city that’s going to be popular in the rental market; this is why a Spanish property mortgage is a route taken by many, whether for a second home, relocation, or of course, for the rental market.

Barcelona is an important cultural and economic centre; it houses one of Europe’s principal Mediterranean ports as well as well as the impressive La Sagrada Familia (the unfinished cathedral). It is also home to a number of UNESCO world heritage sites. The city is renowned for its laid back Mediterranean charm combined with an intoxicating nightlife. This attracts many young professionals who are enticed by its mix of nightlife combined with great food and excellent climate. Such is the draw of Barcelona, that people that have a Spanish mortgage for a property in the city can enjoy a sunbathe on the beach in the morning (over four kilometres of beaches) and be able to ski in the Pyrenees in the afternoon on the same day.

Popular areas of investment include Barceloneta which is an old fishing area near the beach, and also the Born area which is the ‘trendy’ place to be. In spite of all that’s good about Barcelona, note must be taken of the fact that Catalan is spoken extensively throughout the city, which if looking to relocate and get a Spanish mortgage to work in Barcelona, you may be at a disadvantage. For holiday-lets, the market is competitive.

If you are looking for a Spanish mortgage the best place to start is to speak with one of the experts at Conti; they will be able to guide you through the necessary processes to acquire an overseas mortgage, making it as easy and as pain free as possible.

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