Monaco Country Overview

Synonymous with casinos, luxury yachts and Formula 1, Monaco is the epitome of class and culture. Spectacularly situated on the French Riveira overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the Principality of Monaco is the second-smallest country in the world after the Vatican City.

A solid golden square mile of glittering streets lavishly lined with sumptuous hotels, luxury shopping and magnificent architecture. Famed for its royal dynasty and legendary district of Monte-Carlo with its elegant, grand casino. Millions flock here each year to revel in its glamour and sun kissed splendour.

This tiny Mediterranean gem is one of the most celebrated venues for the Grand Prix and other world-class sports tournaments. Wealthy investors are drawn by its status as Europe’s top tax haven as well as the opulent and exclusive lifestyle on conspicuous display.


Monaco Basic Financial Facts

  • Max 85% LTV
  • Max term 30 years
  • €50,000 minimum loan
  • Repayment and Interest only mortgages
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